Hello Gorgeous,

My name is Dana Bean. I'm a Photographer.  A Pageant Coach. A Hair & Makeup Artist.  A Spray Tan Technician. And a fellow Pageant Queen myself.  

I know what it takes to win the pageant. Let me help you win yours.

I'm conveniently located next to two incredible pageant dress stores so that you can have all your needs met in one location.  

My Somerville, AL studio is located next door to One More Time Pageant & Prom and my Alexandria, AL studio is located next door to Chloe's Formals.

I offer photogenic headshots, coaching, hair & makeup and spray tanning.  I can even help you select your dress and accessories.

Come in, enjoy a day of all things pageantry and let's win the crown together!!! 

With Love,


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